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Strategic Life Planning

Strategic Life Planning is a tool that helps older adults and their families plan for the future.

What is a Strategic Life Plan?

  • A Strategic Life Plan is a comprehensive template that addresses potential housing, care and support needs for the next phases of an older adult’s life.

  • A Strategic Life Plan considers the goals, preferences and financial means of the older adult.


What Are the Benefits of a Strategic Life Plan?

  • It is a proactive vs. reactive approach.

  • It gives peace of mind and ensures that wishes will be honored.


Who Needs A Strategic Life Plan?

  • An older adult who wants to design their own future

  • An older adult/family who want to understand costs and what options are available

  • Adult children who need an emergency plan that provides guidance and resources

  • Individuals who have been designated an HCP and/or POA who need a plan for the future

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