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What People Say About Elder Life Directions...

"When my aunt moved to an assisted living facility, they suggested that I work with Judy to help me navigate through the procedures and regulations regarding elder care. Living an hour away and having limitations on travel, I decided to hire Judy.  It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Judy was able to accompany my aunt to doctor visits, handle all of the necessary paperwork, and advocate on my aunt’s behalf.   In performing these duties, she always kept me in the loop and respected my wishes.


When it came time for my aunt to be moved to a memory care facility, Judy did the research for appropriate residences and set up tours for me. Over the last months of my aunt’s life, Judy was indeed a true lifeline.  She bonded with and gained the trust of my aunt, something I am eternally grateful for.


If I had to go through this all over again, I would not hesitate to call on Judy."


Michael, nephew

"I met Judy at a group information session for caregivers struggling with care issues and options for their loved ones suffering with dementia.  I had talked to other care manager providers in the past, but Judy stood out for me.  I appreciated her understanding of the issues and her calm thoughtful advice.  Judy clearly had extensive relevant experience in the areas of my concern.  She is a good listener and does not apply unhelpful pressure or bias.  Judy provided me with knowledgeable care options, accompanied me at in-person care facility visits, but let me make my own decisions.  She has continued to be there after final decisions were made and will provide ongoing support or advice as needed.  I am grateful for her past and present assistance throughout this difficult time.  Judy was (and is) a real and valuable partner in the process."


Dennis, husband

“Judy helped me immensely during the years that I cared for my elderly uncle.  I travel a lot for work, and never could have managed without her help in arranging and getting him to doctor’s appointments, making sure he was well cared for at his assisted care facility, picking up items he needed, and just sitting with him when I was out of town.”

Dan, nephew

"Working with Judy changed everything so much for the better. All of a sudden, it felt like I wasn't alone and had someone who knew the system that I could rely on. I'm extremely grateful for the ability to work with her, and I know my mom would be as well."

Aaron, son

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